In an interview with Italian, the Leeds-born artist explains his vision: “The absurd is my way of seeing the world, a prism sparked from what I’ve experienced, from cinema to literature, especially the Marx Brothers, Franz Kafka or George Méliès…I grew up in Leeds, an industrial town in the north, long before the arrival of cappuccino, ciabatta and starter dough. In the Fifties, it was all grey. It was a bit like living in a version of The Wizard of Oz before the time of Technicolor.”

The art on show at the eleventh-century castle, purchased by the Greene family in 2000 who have since converted the striking estate into a fine winery and dynamic cultural centre, encompasses Baxter’s world comprising cowboys and sheriffs, explorers and bonfires. The illustrations offer insight into a world turned upside down, an exercise in exaggeration soaked in a healthy dose of British irony.

Make sure you’re in the Monte Amiata area on July 15, which marks the first day of the exhibition celebrated with a niche vintage and upcycling market at Castello di Potentino. From 11.30am to 7.30pm, go treasure hunting among Savile Row suits, vintage accessories and eclectic bric-à-brac.

The exhibition will run from July 15 to August 31, 2.30 to 7pm, open in the mornings by appointment only. Entrance is free; for more information visit or email