Find out the latest news from Florence, Italy, with a particular focus on all the cultural ongoings in the Renaissance capital. We take you through art, food and wine, latest openings, changes to the city’s contemporary landscape, and updates on Covid-19 as well as everything else you need to know.


New public gardens open along viale Michelangelo

Former Michelangelo campsite becomes summer events space.


A useful guide to the June 2024 elections in Florence

Advice on how to vote and a guide of the mayoral candidates


Donatello’s Judith and Holofernes returns to Palazzo Vecchio

The ten-month restoration campaign was sponsored by US non-profit Friends of Florence.


Making Florence a better place

Fiavet, the Association of Travel Agents, looks into how to make Florence a better place through actionable solutions.


A paradise not lost: Editor’s letter

The issue seeks cycling inspiration ahead of the Tour de France in Florence and features the refreshing Orto Botanico.


Florence hosts the Aftercare Forum

Post-investment support for foreign investors is at the centre of the two-day trade event.


Contemporary art highlights at Villa San Michele

French conceptual artist Daniel Buren brings colour and stripes to the former monastery turned luxury hotel near Fiesole.

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