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The Florentine is a free monthly news magazine

Since 2005 The Florentine has been the go-to media outlet for English speakers in Florence and Tuscany, and an invaluable resource for Florence and Tuscany lovers worldwide.

With a native English editorial team and a network of international contributors, The Florentine is the voice of all those who have chosen Florence as their home, place of work and study, or simply as their favourite vacation destination, returning time after time.

Circulation 5K copies/month

The Florentine is printed every month, except in August, with a circulation that stays constant all year round. Copies are distributed free of charge in Florence through a network of pickup points that are popular among our readership and which are updated regularly. 

The Florentine currently has upward of 800 subscribers.

Readership 60% Female

The readership of The Florentine grows every day, sharing a love of Florence, a thirst for honest journalism, well-written articles and a passion for photography.

  • A mixed readership for all ages, living in Italy and overseas, generally university educated and with a medium-high income.
  • Our Italian readers have often worked abroad, have intercultural relationships and families, and are studying languages or international issues.
  • Returning tourists who love to stay in touch with Florence keep up-to-date on The Florentine on-line, via social media and subscriptions.

About Florence’s international community:

  • 36,500 international students annually in Florence
  • over 60,000 Americans resident in the consular district (Tuscany and Emila Romagna + San Marino)
  • interested in establishing long-term relationships with local groups and associations;
  • in search of authentic experiences: art, food, wellness;
  • capable of generating turnover and profit at all times of the year in tourism and related sectors;
  • active locals, constantly engaged in conversation within the international community and online.

Our worldwide subscribers are people who go on loving Florence, although they might not live in the city anymore. Readers who feel a deep connection to Florence and stay in touch by reading The Florentine in paper or pdf format.

Online, The Florentine is read more in New York than in Florence! Love for this city runs so deep that New Yorkers and Londoners stay connected to Firenze by reading The Florentine online. Visits to top 1 million per year, with a high percentage of returning visitors.

We have a digital-first approach to news and events in Florence, publishing and updating content online on a daily basis and through a well developed social media network.

Our weekly newsletter is growing constantly (6.8K active subscribers) with a 58% open rate average.

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Print edition (monthly)

Circulation: 5K
Distribution area: Florence, Italy

Estimate readership: 30K

Subscribers: 800+ worldwide
42% US, 36% Italy, 9% UK
60% are female

Source: direct

Online site (updated daily)

30K visitors/month
(March 2024)

Pages/Visit: 1.43
Average time: 1’14’’
Organic search: 72%
Direct: 17%
68% mobile, 30% desktop, 2% tablet
Gender: 45% Male, 55% Female Top locations: Italy 32%, USA 27%, UK 14.5%, Canada 2.7%.
Age range: 18-24 19%, 25-34 26%, 35-44 19%, 45-54 15%, 55-64 10%, 65+ 10%

Source: Google analytics GA4

Newsletter  (weekly)

6.8K+ active subscribers
(+150 monthly organic growth)
58% open rate
9.5% Clicks Per Unique Open
Gender: 65% Female, 35% Male. Top locations: USA 18.7%, Italy 15.1%, UK 3.7% Age range: 18-24 2.1%, 25-34 7.2%, 35-44 13.1%, 45-54 25.2%, 55-64 17.9%, 65+ 34.5%

Source: Mailchimp analytics

Social media statistics

Instagram (updated daily)

Followers: 81.4K
Engagement rate: 8.3%
Page reach: 250,690
Profile visits: 18,565
Average story impressions: 1.6K
Gender: 71% Female, 29% Male
Top locations: Italy 22.7% (Tuscany 8.6%), USA 22.3% (NY 1.8%), UK 2.4%, Age range: 18-24 12%, 25-34 32%, 35-44 22%, 45-54 17%, 55-64 10%, 65+ 4%

Source: Meta Business on 90 days

Facebook (updated daily)

Followers: 115K
Engagement rate: 18%
Page reach: 468,141
Profile visits: 4,920
Average post impressions: 10K
Gender: 65% Female, 35% Male
Top locations: Italy 24.2% (Florence 8.6%), USA 23.2% (NY 1.2%), Brasil 4.7%, UK 3.1%.
Age range: 18-24 3.5%, 25-34 22.6%, 35-44 20.8%, 45-54 21.2%, 55-64 17.5%, 65+ 14.4%

Source: Meta Business on 90 day

X  (updated daily)

Followers: 15.7K
Average tweet impressions: 1K
Profile visits: 3,6K per month
Mensions: 90 per month

Source: X analytics

YouTube (updated weekly)

Subscribers: 1.5K
Watch time (hours): 127.6 per month

LinkedIN (updated randomly)

Followers: 1K
Post views: 1.375 per month