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Founded in 2005, The Florentine is the go-to independent news magazine for English speakers in Florence and Tuscany. The Florentine is published in a print edition and as a digital edition every month enriched with extra content for subscribers.

We have a digital-first approach to Florence news and events, publishing and updating content online on a daily basis.

Readership & Distribution

Our print publication readers are the vast English-speaking community who live in Florence: expats (short-, mid- and long-term foreign residents); English-loving Italians who enjoy our fresh perspective on the Tuscan capital and who have an international outlook on life; students at international schools, colleges and universities; and tourists who find copies in their hotels, B&Bs and tourist information points. With more than 200 issues and 2 million copies printed since its inception, 10,000 copies of The Florentine are printed every month and distributed as a free press through 130 outlets in Florence.

Our 800+ subscribers are people who go on loving Florence though they might not live in the city anymore. Readers who feel a deep connection to Florence and stay in touch by reading The Florentine in pdf format.

Online, The Florentine is read more in New York than in Florence! Love for this city runs so deep that New Yorkers and Londoners stay connected to Firenze by reading TF online. Visits to top 1 million per year, with a high percentage of returning visitors.

Readership demographics

Online (annualy): 35% US, 25% Italy, 12% UK | Age: 30% 25-34, 18% 35-44 | 65% Women

Facebook (reach): 49% US, 35% Italy, 7% Australia | Age: 21% 25-34, 21% 35-44 | 63% Women

Instagram: 36% Italy, 24% US | Age: 34% 25-34, 23% 35-44 | 68% Women

Newsletter (opens): 52% US, 28% Italy, 7% UK | Age: 35% 65+, 17% 55-64, 16% 25-34 | 65% Women

Subscibers (Paper & Digital): 45% US, 36% Italy, 6% UK | 60% Women


Dal 2005 The Florentine è il network d’informazione di riferimento per chi parla inglese a Firenze e in Toscana e un canale di aggiornamento qualificato per i Tuscany lovers di tutto il mondo.

Profilo dei Lettori

I lettori di The Florentine sono interessati a stabilire rapporti di lungo periodo con persone e attività sul territorio, desiderosi di esperienze autentiche, sono in grado di garantire significativi fatturati al settore turistico e a quelli collegati in tutti i periodi dell’anno. Sono i cosiddetti locals, referenti principali per l’informazione indipendente online e il passaparola.

Un pubblico in prevalenza femminile, eterogeneo per età e reddito, sono più spesso residenti stranieri, studenti o lavoratori, ma anche retired che si godono un meritato riposo in Italia. Fiorentini con esperienze lavorative all’estero, con coniugi o familiari stranieri, studenti universitari di facoltà linguistiche.

Molti dei turisti di ritorno amano rimanere in contatto con Firenze aggiornandosi su The Florentine online o per abbonamento.


10.000 copie di The Florentine sono distribuite gratuitamente ogni mese a Firenze attraverso una rete di 150 punti di distribuzione selezionata tra i più frequentati dalla nostra comunità di riferimento: vedi mappa.

A cui si aggiunge una rete di 20 punti in Toscana, una partnership a NYC, 800 abbonamenti tra cartacei e digitali.

Online The Florentine è più letto a New York che a Firenze! La passione per la città è così forte che i newyorkesi e i londinesi cercano informazioni aggiornate su Firenze leggendo The Florentine online.


Online (base annua): 35% US, 25% Italia, 12% UK | Età: 30% 25-34, 18% 35-44 | 65% Donne

Facebook (persone raggiunte): 49% US, 35% Italia, 7% Australia | Età: 21% 25-34, 21% 35-44 | 63% Donne

Instagram: 36% Italia, 24% US | Età: 34% 25-34, 23% 35-44 | 68% Donne

Newsletter (aperture): 52% US, 28% Italia, 7% UK | Età: 35% 65+, 17% 55-64, 16% 25-34 | 65% Donne

Abbonamenti: 45% US, 36% Italia, 6% UK | 60% Donne

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Comments from our customers

What a pleasure it has been to discover The Florentine and its advertising platform! After placing one ad in the newsletter and on FB, I received more inquiries for my event than with any other form of advertising. The ads gave me access to the exact high quality, English speaking, Italy-lovers that I wanted to reach. Even though I made my request at the last minute, the staff put everything together and got the ads out on time. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with The Florentine.

Eleanor Shannon
The Goddess Uncorked


Dear The Florentine, our heartfelt thanks for your professionalism and the immense return on investment - in every aspect - your articles had. The people who came here after reading your article were mostly Americans, with whom it was a pleasure to speak to and communicate our philosophy. Thank very much for the help you offered with the opening of our store.

Timothy Sabatini