From useful resources about life in Florence, Italy, to interviews with members of the vast international community, spot familiar faces and get to know others as we share the helpful tips, endless creativity, and innovative enterprises offered by both Florentines and Florence-adoptees, and all the need-to-know info about life in the city.


Talking about evolutionary astrology with Dennis Clark

The evolutionary astrologer details her approach to birth chart readings and how she began in the profession.


ISF bridges self and international celebrations

Aspiring to excellence in inclusion and diversity at the International School of Florence.


Retiring in Italy

With Italy being one of the most desirable locations in the EU for retirees, many are wondering how they can make this dream a reality. Many people from abroad aspire ...


A Florentine dinner party

A step-by-step guide for decoding Florentine hospitality.


Student Life in Florence


ISF bridges self and international celebrations

Aspiring to excellence in inclusion and diversity at the International School of Florence.


ISF Annual TEDxISF Youth Event: Educating for Opinionating

Imagine choosing an interesting and debate-worthy topic, thinking critically about it, and then standing up in front of a hundred people and wittingly describing your point of view on the ...


The International School of Florence celebrates the holidays with literature

Books abound with reading groups, challenges, and frequent book fairs.


Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici celebrates 50 years of international education

LdM held the party of all parties at Stazione Leopolda.

Inspired by Florence


A whimsical evening in Florence

Hearty Tuscan food at Casa Toscana and sacred music at the Duomo


Learning to self-heal in Florence

How the adventure of opening a wellness space in Florence brought serenity to one expat.


Moving to Italy: my visual diary

Lisa Yakobi's painting series began with her first taste in Italy in 1983.


Summer visions: a visual summary

Summer loving, ping pong and fritto misto: what's not to love about the long Italian summer.

Whether you’ve just arrived in the city or have been here for a longer haul, becoming part of the community is an essential part of feeling at home in Florence, Italy. Get to know who’s here and what they’re up to with interviews with many members of the community, from content creators to entrepreneurs, talking to both Florentines and Florence-adoptees about their life here.

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