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From useful resources about life in Florence, Italy, to interviews with members of the vast international community, spot familiar faces and get to know others as we share the helpful tips, endless creativity, and innovative enterprises offered by both Florentines and Florence-adoptees, and all the need-to-know info about life in the city.

Life in Italy


PwC opens English-friendly desk in Florence

The office provides full legal services to Tuscany's international community.


Zeneba Bowers and Matt Walker: our move to Italy

Two American classical musicians write about their move to Italy just before the pandemic.


6 tips to make property buying easier in Florence

Follow professional advice for your house hunting in the Tuscan city.


Applying for Italian citizenship with family members

The excitement of embarking on the journey of obtaining Italian citizenship by descent often spreads to other family members, such as parents, siblings, cousins, or other relatives. In addition to ...




L’Orto delle Zucche: family fun in a Tuscan pumpkin patch

Take part in pumpkin carving and painting workshops.


Dreoni celebrates 100 years of selling toys

The family-run via Cavour store holds a vintage toy exhibition and a party.


CoWork-It Mamma: childcare meets coworking for mothers

International mums can now co-work while making sure their children are kept safe and entertained.


Meyer Health Campus opens

The Meyer Health Campus aims to be much more than a learning center of a university hospital.

Whether you’ve just arrived in the city or have been here for a longer haul, becoming part of the community is an essential part of feeling at home in Florence, Italy. Get to know who’s here and what they’re up to with interviews with many members of the community, from content creators to entrepreneurs, talking to both Florentines and Florence-adoptees about their life here.

With video series and in-depth interviews, we speak to inspiring members of the community so as to share their stories and to help you find out more about the people out and about making Florence what it is. Florence attracts endlessly interesting individuals, meaning we’re never short of someone to reach out to.

Find out key info for local life depending on your interests and needs, such as schools, mental health services in English, childcare in Florence, where to worship, visa schemes for digital nomads and legal advice to make living here more manageable.

Read our writers’ witty takes on life here, or be sobered by serious experiences as our wide network of contributors share their perspectives on linguistic misadventures, cross-cultural confusion, or the sometimes struggles involved in life as an expat.

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