Mariano Di Nunzio - trumpet and live electronics

Gianni Zei - guitar and live electronics

Amedeo Ronga - double bass and live electronics


The trio performs a repertoire carefully selected from jazz standards and Chet Baker’s standout hits, using an approach that’s not purely imitative, but that is also oriented toward the intimate and lyrical dimension present in the music of the legendary West Coast trumpet player, who lived perhaps his most intense musical moment during his time in Europe and Italy, leaving behind an artistic heritage dear to all Italian and European musicians. The peculiarity of the trio’s sound and the intentional absence of drums aims to highlight the expressive nature of jazz, without forfeiting the energy of swing music and the use of more current and contemporary sounds. Theirs is a dense style, one which looks to the past with the freshness of those who want to embrace and yet upset artistic traditions put in place by Chet Baker, to whom the trio pays tribute. 


Concert is free and open to the public while seats last. RSVP

Every concert will have a pre-show aperitivo starting at 7pm.