Florentinisms: a dictionary of the florentine dialect

Alexandra Lawrence, Francesco Stefanelli
February 16, 2012


A rude or uncouth person. A boor; buffoon.

Example: ‘La figliola di Paolo se' fidanzata co' un tanghero di nulla!' (‘Paolo's daughter is dating a real buffoon!')



A' vogliaaa!

‘Yeah right!'

Example: ‘Franco, che va' te a prendere i' pane?' ‘A' vogliaaa! Con questo freddo ‘un esco di certo!' (‘Franco, are you going to get the bread?' ‘Yeah right! I'm not going anywhere with this cold!')



Ni' mezzo

In mezzo (in the middle of).

Example: ‘Se ‘un sta attento a forza di fare i' bischero, quarche vorta entra ni' mezzo a una scarica di botte!' (‘If he doesn't quit being an idiot, he's going to end up in the middle of a mess!')

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