The Florentine Day: 12 Hours in San Niccolò

Talks, tours and tastings with Florence’s English magazine

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July 21, 2017 - 15:23



On September 14, for 12 hours, our editors will move to the verdant setting of Palazzo San Niccolò. Join us for a day of interviews, seminars about The Arts, Culture, Social Media, Travel, Lifestyle, Food & Wine and much more. 

Start the day with yoga in the garden, take a tour of the San Niccolò neighbourhood, and enjoy workshops with our authors and friends of The Florentine. 


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The Florentine Day

12 Hours in San Niccolò
September 14, 10am-10pm
See behind the scenes at The Florentine for one day only! 


CONFIRMED EVENTS - Full programme to be revealed **very soon**!

You can reserve a spot at more than one event, but you are kindly reminded to check the hours of the events you are interested in to ensure that they do not overlap. 



10am LIFESTYLE/ Shari Hochberg, Morning Yoga



Start your morning with an invigorating yoga practice in the fresh open air. Local instructor, Shari Hochberg will guide your through a series of energizing stretches and flows to help set you up for a productive day.
**Reserve your spot for her 10am yoga practice:



10:45am ART TOUR/ Alessandro Dari Jewelry, Artisans in San Niccolò



Get an up-close look at the wonders of Florentine jewellery making. Join this guided visit to the workshop of Master Goldsmith Alessandro Dari as he shares his secrets of the trade, from the process to experimentation.
**Reserve your spot for the 10:45 am tour, only 15 places:



5pm CLOSE UP / Emiko Davies, Food Photography Tips


Learn the secrets of snapping your dishes like a professional photographer. Cookbook author and food blogger Emiko Davies gives a demonstration of food photography tips.
**Reserve your spot for her 5pm talk:



5:15pm CLOSE UP / Mary Gray, Rental Diaries


Share your rental adventures with The Florentine's events and associate editor. Mary Gray leads a chat dedicated to residents' renting-related triumphs, house hunts, misadventures and more.
**Reserve your spot for her 5.15pm talk:



6pm CLOSE UP / Deirdre Pirro, Famous Expats of Florence


Join Deirdre Pirro, The Florentine's brilliant longstanding columnist, as she chats about Florence's famous expats down the centuries.
The talk will last for 30 minutes and is *FREE*. Only 20 places. 
**Sign up now:



6pm THEFLR / Johanna Bishop, Translating Fiction with TheFLR - The Florentine Literary Review


How does a professional literary translator tackle the many little problems that can turn up in a selection of contemporary Italian short stories: a poem by Michelangelo, an amnio report, a narrator whose age is unclear, a first line that needs to draw readers in or a last line that needs to stick the landing? Johanna Bishop offers a behind-the-scenes look at translating the first two issues of TheFLR - The Florentine Literary Review. This event is FREE.
**Sign up now:



5:45 pm CLOSE UP / Michele Capecchi, Legal Advice for Expats in Italy



Join Michele Capecchi, The Florentine's legal columnist, as he gives legal advice for expats on a series of topics, from taxes to visas, divorce and opening a business.

The talk will last for 30 minutes and is free.

**Sign up now:



6:15pm TOUR / Torre San Niccolò


From the top of the San Niccolò tower visitors can enjoy wonderful views over the city. The tower tells the story of Florence’s “fortitude and beauty”: its architecture is a trace of the medieval walls that used to enclose the city. Discover it during The Florentine Day with MUSE Firenze.
Tickets 4 euro, paid directly / Only 18 places.
**Sign up now:


7pm WINE / Discover your Palate with the Obama Sommelier



Are you ready to "Discover your Palate" with Filippo Bartolotta?

You can live only for this special event an interactive wine experience with The Florentine and Filippo, who will teach you to understand what you like, how to taste wines and how to order a wine at the restaurant. It will be a leaning process while drinking and having fun together, just like Filippo did with the Obama's.

There will be a challenge during the tasting, the best wine taster will win a cooking class at Mamas cooking school. The high quality selection of wines that we will be tasting, 1 bubbly, 2 whites and 2 reds, will remain a mystery till the end of the event.

The guided tastimg will last for 1 hour, 30 minutes and costs 35 euro, paid locally / Only 30 places, so sign up NOW!
**Sign up now:


7pm THEFLR / Conversations on Desire



The literary magazine The FLR is bringing some of its authors to Florence, for an open dialogue on the theme of Issue 2 - Desire - and a reading at sunset of the best stories related to the theme. Edgardo Franzosini, Marco Rossari and Luca Ricci will participate. In Italian with readings in English.

The FLR's editor, Alessandro Raveggi, will moderate the discussion. The event is organized in collaboration with Estate Fiorentina.

This event is FREE / Limited seats, book your spot NOW!
**Sign up now:




Would you like to stay for the night?

Take advantage of a TF deal at one of the following locations:

Palazzo San Niccolò

Palazzo Belfiore


















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No event involving access to the church of San Niccolò? It's never open so access would be a treat.