Calcio Storico II

An old game gets new rules

Editorial Staff
June 12, 2008

Florence's historical homegrown sporting event, the Calcio Storico, will be back in play in Piazza Santa Croce after a yearlong suspension because of violent clashes between players and fans.


With the 2008 season come new rules.


Among the protocols announced by officials from the Calcio Storico association are the 100 stewards from Franchi stadium who will be present during matches to ensure general order in the stands, make sure that the rules are being met and check to see that spectators have paid for their tickets.


President of Calcio Storico, Titta Meucci, has stressed that the role of stewards will be one of surveillance. ‘Stewards have an important role during football matches and so they also have a role here...they will not be responsible for enforcing public order, which will be the job of the police officers present', said Meucci, who has the approval of Florence prefect Francesco Tagliente. 

The historic game will be treated like a high-profile sporting event. Other new rules include special ID cards registered with the governing sports body, Coni; players without criminal records; age limits.


The semifinal matches are scheduled for June 14 and 15, while the final game will be played, as always, on June 24, the Feast Day of San Giovanni, the patron saint of Florence.

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