Good…now get back to work!

Editorial Staff
September 4, 2008

Had enough lounging at the beach? Eaten enough tordelli, cocomero, focaccia and cecina to last a lifetime? Enjoyed one too many spritzes, Campari sodas or ice cold granitas? If so, don't worry. One of the best things about living in Florence is the collective rientro, when everyone gets back down to business after a nice long break. It's like New Year's in September. So don't despair if you are feeling a little like the David on our cover or if you feel like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation...take comfort in the fact that everyone else in the city feels exactly the same way.


As for us, we've been back at it for a while now to make sure that this issue covered all the news you missed while we were away, plus giving you all kinds of ideas for beating the end-of-summer blues with tons of exciting things to do and see in the city. So, coraggio, TF readers, and remember that rientro comes only once a year-make the most out of this one.

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