From McDonald’s to museums

Marco Resca appointed Italy’s new museum head

Editorial Staff
November 27, 2008

After managing McDonald's Italia for 12 years and directing of the state-run casino, Casinò di Campione, Marco Resca is going to try his hand at the museum business. Newly appointed general director of Italy's museums, Resca believes that Italy's cultural heritage is like ‘oil reserves that cost nothing.' He further observed, ‘We must use the resource of our cultural heritage to generate earnings.'


Despite his renowned managerial experience, the appointment caused a stir as some critics suggested that he is not sufficiently versed in cultural and artistic issues. Resca brushed away criticism, claiming that he was not well versed in restaurant management or gambling either, but he nonetheless proved highly successful in those sectors.


Appointed last week by Italy's culture minister, Sandro Bondi, Resca is charged with promoting the country's museums, increasing tourism, and improving Italy's image abroad. Known as an effective manager, Resca has also worked for several multinationals, including Chase Manhattan Bank, Biondi Finanziaria (owned by the Fiat group), Lancome Italia, Versace, Rcs publishing house, Sambonet and Kenwood.


Many of Italy's top managers in the private sector voiced approval of the appointment, arguing that Italy's museums need someone who knows the ins and outs of the market. According to investor Enrico Micheli, Italy's museums ‘are still unable to meet market demands, especially those from the younger, more high-tech public.'


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