Stance against terrorism

Italian leaders call for action

Editorial Staff
December 11, 2008

In response to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India on November 27, that left 171 people dead and another 300 injured, Italian leaders have called for a united front to counteract terrorism.



‘The fight against terrorism is essential for the peaceful development of international relations, and is of profound interest to all civilized countries', said Italian president Giorgio Napolitano. Italy's minister of foreign affairs, Franco Frattini, asserted, ‘The Mumbai attacks confirm that terrorism remains the top priority for world action.'



The coordinated terrorist attacks were launched on the Oberoi Trident Hotel, the Taj Mahal Hotel, the city's Jewish centre, a restaurant popular with foreign tourists among other tourist and business venues. One Italian, Antonio De Lorenzo, a businessman from Livorno, was among the dead in the Oberoi Trident Hotel. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes a handgrenade explosion killed De Lorenzo, who was in Mumbai on business. Forty Italian travelers took refuge in the Italian consulate, and another seven Italian nationals, including a 6-month-old child, were held hostage in the Oberoi Trident Hotel for 36 hours before being freed.



Upon returning to Rome on November 29, one of the released hostages told journalists at Fiumicino, ‘It was like a hell. Bombs and dead bodies, that's what I can tell you, that's all. I don't remember anything else'.



Indian authorities suspect that those responsible for the attacks were members of Pakistani-based terrorist group, Lashkar-e-Taiba.  


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