Science in society

Italians surveyed on their knowledge

Editorial Staff
March 26, 2009

One in three Italians thinks the Sun, the star at the center of our solar system, is a planet; one in three believes that electrons, which along with protons and neutrons, make up an atom, are larger than atoms. These are the results of a survey, Annuario scienza e società 2009, conducted by Observa: Science in Society.


The survey reveals that just one in five Italians have sufficient knowledge of basic science. For example, almost one Italian in two believes that antibiotics can kill viruses, according to the study.


Also questioned about what they consider the most pressing environmental problems are, 33.4 percent identified air quality and pollution; 31.3 percent garbage disposal; 11.5 percent food quality; 11.4 percent water pollution; and 10 percent the deterioration of the landscape and natural environment.

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