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New centre to promote physical activity and diet

Editorial Staff
March 11, 2010

Italy recently established the Società Italiana Nutrizione Sport e Benessere (SINSEB) to support additional research and education in sports nutrition, curb rising levels of obesity and doping in sports, in addition to promoting physical activity and a healthy diet.


SINSEB's executive committee is composed of important figures in sports medicine, including Fabrizio Angelini, physician, nutritionist and endocrinologist of the Juventus football club; Luca Gatteschi, chief physician of the men's national football team and the women's under-19 national team; Fulvo Massini, athletic trainer for top level runners and technical director of the Florence Marathon; and Carmine Orlandi, nutritionist for the national teams in boxing, judo, karate and for the Siena football club.


Working as a nonprofit scientific society, SINSEB benefits from a long history in sports nutrition: many of its founders are members of the Società Italiana Alimentazione e Sport. It will also work in close collaboration with the International Society of Sports Nutrition to further education and research in sports, nutrition and health.


Located at the Istituto di Ricerche Cliniche Ecomedica in Empoli (on via Cherubini), SINSEB aims to develop a cutting-edge research center rivaled by few others in Europe. It urges doctors, dietitians, biologists, nutritionists, pharmacists, psychologists and anyone who plays sports at the amateur or competitive level to get involved.


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