Rome’s river rangers

Team to monitor the Tiber and prevent blight

Editorial Staff
April 21, 2011

The most navigated stretch of the Tiber River in Rome, between Ponte Milvio and Tiberina Island, is also the most at risk for urban blight and environmental damage. To address the problem, the region of Lazio has formed a team of volunteers, the Tiber Rangers, who will periodically monitor and improve the conditions of the river.


‘These volunteers, expert canoeists who will travel both on boats and on bikes, will monitor the river, indicating to police areas of risk in terms of blight and abuse of the waterway,' said Renata Polverini, president of the Lazio region, after a ride on the Tiber with a few of the rangers.


‘Today there are 40 volunteers, 28 men and 12 women ... We've decided to work harder to renew and revive the Tiber river, also in view of the Rome Olympics in 2020.


We want to curb urban blight, bring the river closer to the citizens and more accessible to residents and tourists. In doing so we'll improve the city's image abroad,' Polverini told the press. 


The Tiber Rangers include representatives from the Canottieri Lazio, Circolo Canottieri Aniene and the Circolo Canottieri Todaro canoeing associations. Rangers will travel the river on a small catamaran and monitor its banks on bikes. 



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