Down under

Sardinia puts its pollution below ground

Editorial Staff
June 16, 2011

The captivating Italian island of Sardinia is at the forefront of a formidable green movement that aims to boost the region's economy. With the goal of drastically reducing its carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, a new project features the construction of a new coal-power plant that will generate between 350 and 450 megawatts of electric energy by storing its excess CO2 underground.


‘Sardinia is working to store CO2 underground,' said Ugo Cappellacci, president of the Sardinia Region, during a press conference with Industry Commissioner Oscar Cherchi, where the two presented details on the pilot facility, to be constructed in the city of Sulcis.


The new thermoelectric power plant, which applies gasification technology, is also called a ‘supercritical combustion plant.'


The pilot project also includes the implementation of a system to reduce CO2 emissions from the plant. The idea is part of a broader ‘zero CO2' project, as the region seeks to reduce its CO2 emissions to meet European Union benchmarks.


While another goal of the pilot is further developing the mining sector in Sulcis, the project also plays a central role in the research and innovation process related to CO2 capture and storage, a priority at the regional, state, and European Union levels.  



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