Made in Italy

Google showcases Italian authenticity

John-Paul Heil
February 27, 2014

Search engine giant Google has teamed up with the Italian ministry of agriculture, food and forestry as well as the Italian chamber of commerce for ‘Made in Italy,’ an online campaign celebrating authentic Italian products, many of which are Tuscan.


The project, part of the Google Cultural Institute, was created to combat the counterfeiting of Italian goods and to educate the general public about real products from Italy. Tulio Marcelli, president of the Tuscan branch of Coldiretti, the national farmers’ association, went on record saying that in Google, ‘We have found an important ally in the fight against fake Tuscan products that cost six million euro a year in the food and farming sector alone, and 30,000 jobs in the supply chain.’


While the website details 1,000-plus crafts and food products through virtual exhibits created in conjunction with the Italian government, Google itself has selected a fraction of these spotlighted on the project’s front page, including 14 Tuscan products and creations such as Doccia porcelain, Montelupo ceramics, Empoli glass, Grosseto saddles and Chianti Classico. Each item or process is presented in great detail through an intuitive and entertaining presentation system, which features pictures, videos, interviews and detailed explanations of the production of these goods.

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