Bargello hosts Bandinelli

16th century artist featured in new exhibition

John-Paul Heil
April 3, 2014

The Bargello Museum is hosting the first exhibition dedicated entirely to the Florentine sculptor Baccio Bandinelli. Beginning today and running through July 2015, visitors to the Bargello can see 90 of the artist’s works, which tell the story of a knight, Bandinelli, through paintings, drawings, bronzes and sculptures. The 16th-century artist is considered one of the most gifted and important sculptors of his day, second only to Michelangelo himself. The exhibition, entitled Baccio Bandinelli: Sculptor and Master (1493-1560) takes place thanks to scholar Detlef Heikamp and Bargello director Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi. Both founded this exhibition to help restore Bandinelli to his former glory amid the criticism he has received over the past 2 centuries.

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