Florence has gone to the dogs!

New animal ordinances released

John-Paul Heil
April 3, 2014

Florence dog lovers rejoice: new regulations have been released stating that man’s best friend will be able to freely enter into offices, shops and other public areas, with heavy fines for those who show signs of banning the animals. These changes have been instituted in an attempt to prevent the illegal smuggling of puppies and begging with animals. New reforms regarding the protection of carriage-driving horses have also been implemented.



This new legislation requires animal sellers to keep a record of sale for the animals and the identity of the purchasers. Further reforms include regulations on bird cages (demanding larger cages and prohibiting the use of bird deterrents such as pins or metal spikes) and horses. Rules for horses such as minimum dimensions of space and the forbidding of straining elderly horses. Carriage horses too have been included in this new governance, with new rules such as having the horses work no more than six hours daily with mandatory breaks, the prevention of having the horses work in conditions exceeding 35 Celsius, requirements for an excrement container, and the continued banning of the use of a whip. This marks the first time horses have been given a separate article in the regulations, thanks to the efforts of the ASL. Further portions of the new standards include the translating of fines previously defined in lira to Euro.

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