Camaiore rocks on

Historic concert venue Bussalodomani to reopen in 2017

Editorial Staff
March 3, 2016 - 16:14

The live music scene in Lido di Camaiore is expected to have a huge boost when the historic concert venue Bussoladomani reopens in 2017.


During its heyday, Bussoladomani hosted such international names as James Brown, Frank Zappa, Liza Minnelli, Joe Cocker and Renato Zero. 


Aiming for young audiences, music devotee and entrepreneur Sergio Bernardini opened the space in the 1970s. After the ‘big tent’ was closed and demolished in 2000, the surrounding area was acquired by the city of Camaiore. Now the city has announced a revival project with the assistance of entrepreneur and event organizer Mimmo D’Alessandro, a key patron of the Lucca Summer Festival. With a stage facing the sea, the 16,000-square metre updated arena will seat 50,000. The 75,000-square-meter park surrounding the venue will also get a facelift, with new trees and a protective sand dune system.


D’Alessandro expects that Bussoladomani will be ready to reopen by summer 2017.  ‘We’ll have to move quickly for 2017,’ D’Alessandro said, noting that acts will need to be booked. ‘Once the work is finished, we’ll get to work on the artists.’

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