Tuscany suffering from a lack of rain

An analysis released by Publiacqua outlines problems

Editorial Staff
August 8, 2017 - 17:37

The effects of a light rainy season this year are starting to be felt across the region. Publiacqua, the company that manages Italy’s water services, released a report detailing the situation and determining the best strategies for tackling the resulting problems. The report addresses the state of the 46 municipalities where Publiacqua manages the water system, the level of criticality and the measures being taken by the company to confront the extremely dry temperatures.


The region’s monitoring system has moved the drought’s level from moderate to severe, with a 50-75% decrease in precipitation this past April, May and June, compared to the average of previous years (1987-2016). Publiacqua also observed a marked drop in the use of hydro resources in the 46 municipalities, including the Invaso di Bilancino and water tanks, on par with levels typically registered in mid-September.


In light of the drought, Publiacqua is urging citizens to reduce their water usage and to use potable water responsibly.

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