Destination Florence launched

City seeks to solve over-tourism problem with global-first project

Editorial Staff
December 1, 2017 - 11:19

On November 30, the new Destination Florence project was presented to the international press by Firenze Convention and Visitors Bureau, in partnership with the City of Florence. Launched at BTO – Buy Tourism Online, held at Florence’s Fortezza da Basso, the official public-private project is the first worldwide to integrate a shopping cart with a website dedicated to long-term marketing and promotion strategies for “premium tourism” in Florence.





Destination Florence tracks tourism flows and diversifies the city’s experiential offerings. The main goals are to encourage quality tourism, extend the average length of a stay in the city and offer a single marketplace for all of the city’s amenities, from museums to hotels, restaurants, concerts and guided tours.



For the first time in Italy, artificial intelligence will provide real-time information about Florence, including waiting times at museums, weather and traffic updates. To be integrated shortly into the Destination Florence website, the system has been made possible thanks to an innovative application developed by the University of Florence’s Department of Engineering. The aim is to encourage visitors to seek out the city’s lesser-known sights. The website also acts against ticket touts as all amenities are sold according to the museum’s official prices.





Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, who co-presented the project with Firenze Convention and Visitors Bureau director Carlotta Ferrari, called Destination Florence “a revolutionary project worldwide for redesigning the strategies used to improve the quality of tourism flows and to govern tourism accordingly.”



The Florentine is a project partner of Destination Florence, providing all content creation and translations in English.

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