Shall we dance?

Danza in Fiera graces the Fortezza

Samantha Tashman
March 8, 2007

In less than one week, the second annual Danza in Fiera will be hittinag the heart of Florence at the Fortezza da Basso’s conference center. An innovative four-day event, Danza in Fiera will host a variety of famous musicians, dancers, and television stars. ‘3 Metri Sopra il Cielo’, a musical famous in Italy, will be at the festival, with the renowned musical actor Massimiliano Varrese. The television show Ballando con le Stelle, which features dance lessons and competitions with celebrities, will be offering dance classes with Raimondo Todaro and Samuel Peron—two of the show’s instructors.


Television star Pamela Camassa will inaugurate the festival in the Padiglione Rastriglia space.

March 16, ‘Musical Day’, features students from dance schools from all over Italy, competing with pieces from musicals old and new. Winners will receive money for their home studios and will be offered a chance to study at the studio dell’Accademia MTS (Musical the School). On Saturday and Sunday in the Padiglione Rastriglia, Danza in Fiera will also host a number of dance competitions both for groups and individuals, which will conclude with a performance by the Ater Balletto dance company.


For teenagers and young adults interested in hip hop and break-dancing, Danza in Fiera is hosting Bassi Maestro—one of the most famous Italian rappers—with his group Sano Business in concert on Friday at 4:30pm. Saturday evening at 5pm and again at 10pm look for ‘Break Dance Maniac 2007’, featuring well-known break-dancing group Next One. An on-site break-dancing contest and break-dancing lessons will be open to the public.


Participants can take a myriad of other lessons (some free and some for a fee) in various dance genres, including salsa, jazz, Broadway, tap, and even country line dance. For salsa fans, Lazaro Martin Diaz Armentero will be present at the event, along with the group Azucar Negra, as part of the ‘Salsa World Festival’. Their tour starts in Florence, with two shows on Sunday evening, at 6 and 7:30pm. The Texas State University Strutters, a dance team of 50 cheerleaders, will perform on Thursday, March 15.


Danza in Fiera will also host a new exhibit, Disney Italia, in the Teatrino Lorenese.  Created for children and teenagers under 14, it will feature the Disney Channel’s hit movie High School Musical. Children can hear the music from the movie and learn the dance steps to the film’s numbers. Graphic art instructors from the popular children’s newspaper Witch will be on site for drawing lessons at the Disney Italia exhibit.


For those who want to shop until they drop, the Padiglione Spadolini will feature over 100 stands with dance fashion, costumes, dresses, and accessories for both children and adults.


An all-day ticket to the festival costs 12 euro; a pass for all four days can be purchased for 25 euro. On Thursday, the festival will be open from 3pm to 10pm. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, it will be open from 10am to 10pm. Children under eight years of age are permitted to enter free, as are disabled persons escorted by a companion. Special discounts (6 euro) are available for senior citizens (over 65 years old), children 8–12 years old, and groups of 30 people or more purchasing tickets together.


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