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Editorial Staff
February 7, 2008

Need some small repair work done around the house? A car lift? Conversation in Italian? Sewing work? These and more services can be offered by the members of the Florence Time Bank Association.


The best part? The only currency you spend here is time! One hour equals one service credit. For example, when one person volunteers to work for an hour for another person, they are credited with one hour, which they can redeem for an hour of service from another volunteer. Each participant's time is valued equally, whether she/he is a novice or an extensively trained expert

To become a member, all you have to do is be able to exchange some kind of activity or service (there is a list of offerings and requests). Meetings are informal and usually end with a homemade dinner with food and drink brought by the members.


There are four Time Bank centers in and around Florence; call during the times provided to join the one nearest you:


Santa Croce: 055.2767601 (Tuesday 3pm-5pm)


Oltrarno: 055.284395 (Tuesday 5pm-7pm)


Coverciano: 055.602636 (Thursday 6pm-7pm)


Rifredi: 055.4376343 (Tuesday/Thursday 5pm-7pm)


For further information contact Flaminia Arpino: [email protected]

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