New foodie guide

Editorial Staff
December 9, 2010

A group of young Florentines and Milanese had the winning idea: a guide to Italy's restaurants containing user generated reviews by foodies of different backgrounds and ages, instead of those by expert food and wine critics. Recently presented in Florence, Spagoguida is the first of its kind in Italy. The printed guide is based on users' reviews on the site, one of Italy's largest social network platforms dedicated to food and wine, which contains reviews of over one thousand osterie and trattorie. 'The reviews are the kind that you would ask a friend, advice that is more trustworthy than that of a professional. The guide doesn't contain any reviews of the imparial critic but  passionate, severe, demanding and enthusiastic suggestions,' says Michele Ruini, editorial director of the guide. Tuscany is the region with most reviews, with eateries in the city of Florence boasting some of the best.

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