Perugino under new light

Editorial Staff
December 9, 2010

After a period of restoration, Perugino's extraordinary fresco, Crucifiction and the Saints, will once again be placed on public display. The restoration, which was carried out to better conserve the monumental work, was possible thanks to funding by the Friends of Florence and the Schroeder family. Located in the Sala Capitolare of the former convent, Santa Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi, the large fresco, painted from 1493 to 1496, comissioned by Dionigi and Giovanna Pucci. The fresco depicts Jesus on the Cross and Mary Magdelene, with saints Bernard, Benedict and John and the Virgin Mary on either side. The fresco will be placed in the newly reopened Sala del Perugino, in the Liceo Michelangelo; the room is accessible from the front entrance of the school, on via della Colonna 9.

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