Keep Florence on your mind

Editorial Staff
January 27, 2011

In addition to the thousands of Erasmus students from across Europe and around the world, every semester, some 4,000 American students enroll in over 40 study abroad programs to make Florence their campus. And every semester we make it a point to dedicate an issue of TF to the city's newest residents: all of you students! For many, it will be your first experience living in a country other than your own, and it may be overwhelming, even shocking. Our advice? Take it easy, and dig deep. We've put together a few ideas and insider tips to get you started, but we also challenge you to take it one step further: instead of treating Florence as your port of departure for Italy and Europe, why not make it your hometown? Get to know your barista, shop at the same market stands, engage in local traditions, keep your travel distance under 100km, try some locally sourced foods and keep Florence on your mind. This small town packs some major prospects... Welcome home!



Don't know how to 'live' the city to its fullest just yet? There is a wealth of information for students in our online archive at You'll find the city's best cheap and traditional eats and where to get the best American-style bagels, places that offer student discounts, art and history itineraries and hidden treasures, cultural qualms explained, the hottest events this spring, and a host of survival tips to help make Florence your home! 


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