An Italian job?

An Italian job?

Fri 25 Nov 2011 1:00 AM


More than 60 kilos of gold bars made in Arezzo were stolen while being shipped to Brussels. The precious cargo, made by the Arezzo firm Chimet, was shipped by truck and plane. 


The multimillion-euro load arrived intact on its first leg of the trip, moved by truck from Arezzo to Milan. Police suspect that the gold was stolen on ground or in flight somewhere between Milan’s Malpensa airport and Belgium. 


The theft was uncovered when officials in Belgium went to check the goods and found gym weights in the sealed boxes instead of the gold bars. Police believe an international group of thieves is responsible for the heist. 


Luckily, Chimet, the firm that made and shipped the gold, has an insurance policy that will cover the value of the stolen loot.



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