Does Italy really have a new “get-divorced-quick” law?

The situation explained

Michele Capecchi, Helen Farrell
September 11, 2014

In recent days, there have been countless articles in countless Italian newspapers about the "new" divorce law, which supposedly allows a childless married couple to separate by going directly to the registrar who married them, without the need for a lawyer or a judge.


How true is it?


The answer is, not a lot. The bottom line is that, at present, this is merely a draft bill, i.e. an "urgent" measure proposed by the Italian government but one that will not take effect until the Italian parliament approves it and converts it into law.


The Italian government has drafted a bill that contains a number of measures aiming to lower the number of cases heard by judges. This direct separation proposal is one of them.


The Parliament has 90 days in which to "approve" the bill and if it fails to be approved, then nothing will change.




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