Sciltian exhibition at Villa Bardini

112 works including oil paintings and theatre playbills

Kaylee Denmead
April 2, 2015

Spring has sprung up on the hill at Villa Bardini - and it's not just in the gardens with their breathtaking views over Florence.


A large retrospective exhibition is taking place at Villa Bardini dedicated to Gregorio Sciltian, the Russian painter who fled the country following the Bolshevik Revolution and arrived in Italy in 1923 where he lived and worked for most of his life, except for a short time in Paris. Titled The Illusion of Sciltian, the show will continue until September 6.


The exhibition highlights the aspects that characterize the Armenia-born painter's singular and unchanging vision of ethics and aesthetics, examining his entire creative process over 50 years of work.


For a period of time, Sciltian's work was overlooked, but recently his works have appeared in various exhibition projects.


On display at Villa Bardini, beautifully lit and hanging on the space's green silk walls, are 112 works, including oil paintings, drawings, sketches, and theatrical prints and drawings.

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