David for Nice

Michelangelo copy for Michelangiolesca week

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July 16, 2016 - 18:32

A real-life scale reproduction of Michelangelo's David has been unveiled in piazza della Repubblica.


David in mourning, piazza della Signoria / ph. Marco Baldini via Facebook David in mourning, piazza della Signoria / ph. Marco Baldini via Facebook


Created by the Cave Michelangelo art studio in Carrara for the week-long Michelangelo celebrations in Florence, Michelangiolesca, the marble statue is lying down, prone on the ground and painted black. The title of the sculpture is "Us" ("Noi" in Italian).


Sergio Risaliti, curator of the Michelangiolesca week, commented, "The general intention was to remove from the David his force of violence and to leave the feeling of a martyr, the feeling of refugees... and all victims of terrorism."


Florence mayor Dario Nardella added, "We had no way of knowing what would happen in Nice, but this prone David, in mourning, conveys the universal pain that is affecting all of humanity."


"Us" ("Noi") / ph. Alessandro Raveggi @colossale "Us" ("Noi") / ph. Alessandro Raveggi @colossale


The sculpture is expected to remain in the piazza until July 21.

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