Florentine gelateria Badiani opens in London

Tuscan gelato now available at Mercato Metropolitano

Anna McGee
August 2, 2016 - 17:03

A year after its victory at the London Gelato Festival, one of Florence’s oldest gelaterias has launched a new store in the English capital. Badiani, which was founded in 1932, has now set up shop at London’s Mercato Metropolitano, at Elephant and Castle, not far from London Bridge.


ph. Sara Montali_Fotor ph. Sara Montali_Fotor


The ice cream, which is made daily, uses local ingredients, while guaranteeing Badiani’s signature taste. Favourite flavours including ‘Buontalenti’, made from cream, milk, sugar and eggs, and ‘Dolcevita’, with the addition of chocolate and hazelnuts, have been exported.


Badiani’s master gelataio Paolo Pomposi, who has also recently been elected ambassador for Europe’s Gelato Festival, is delighted to see the Florentine brand expand abroad. “Badiani represents true quality and innovation, and it is now ready to share these with London.”


London’s Mercato Metropolitano, which opened in June, plays host to this much-anticipated gelateria. The Mercato Metropolitano, another Italian export originating in Milan and with a Turin outpost, is a large artisanal food market and gourmet centre.


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Jeff Cotton

12 days and 13 hours and 44 minutes ago
Details of where in London or a link would be useful.

Jeff Cotton

12 days and 13 hours and 43 minutes ago
Oops just spotted it, apologies.

12 days and 18 hours and 32 minutes ago
Yay. Born and bred in South East London, very close to the Elephant! How very cool that an amazing ice cream from my adopted home has made it back to my original home!