Masterpieces by Raphael at the Museo Horne

Masterpieces by Raphael at the Museo Horne

The show highlights drawings by artists such as Raphael, Rubens and Vasari.

Fri 20 Apr 2018 12:24 PM


Until July 31, the Museo Horne will be displaying 21 exceptional drawings from its rich collection, amassed by the English collector Herbert P. Horne. The exhibition, titled Raffaello, Rubens, Tiepolo. Studi d’Autore dal ‘500 al ‘700 showcases works made across three centuries, from the 1400s to 1700s, by illustrious artists such as those referenced in the show’s title, along with Giorgio Vasari, Ludovico Carracci, Federico Barocci and Pietro da Cortona.


The sketches depict a wide range of subjects, from prestigious commissions to the frescoes found in the Vatican and the Hall of the 500 in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. The styles are also varied, covering quick sketches, complex and dedicated drawings and preparations for later frescoes, each one attesting to the stylistic distinctions of the individual artists, whilst mirroring the taste and interests of Horne as a collector.


The exhibition is an opportunity to reflect, as director of the Fondazione Museo Horne, Antonio Paolucci, explains, on the “renewed awareness of the importance of the Horne’s drawing collection, a source whose variety and quality will never be admired enough.”


The show has the backing of the museum’s namesake foundation and the Fondazione CR Firenze, the latter of which is a long-time supporter of the Florentine museum.

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