New piazza dei Ciompi to be inaugurated

Cirk Fantastik artists, Fiesole Music School to perform

Editorial Staff
September 7, 2018 - 15:05

After months of renovation, the new and improved piazza dei Ciompi will be inaugurated in a celebratory event on September 7. Among the attendees will be Mayor Dario Nardella, Councillor for Economic Development Cecilia Del Re and Councillor for the Environment Alessia Bettini, as well as local residents who’ve waited months to see their beloved piazza given new life.


Piazza dei Ciompi under construction
Ph. Alice Fischietti


Starting at 5pm, contemporary circus artists from the Cirk Fantastik showcase and musicians from the Fiesole Music School will perform for attendees to celebrate the reopening of the piazza, whose renovations included the creation of a large central garden with trees and flowerbeds and the repaving of the piazza itself, as well as some surrounding streets and sidewalks. Piazza dei Ciompi’s reputation as a marketplace will continue, with removable stalls for fairs and expositions, including the upcoming flower show and book fair. To this end, an electric system was installed so the booths could be used in the winter as well.


Archeological artefacts dating from antiquity to the modern era were discovered during renovations. To showcase these findings, a pilot project is being developed to create a multimedia system for sharing the history of the piazza and the archeological analyses conducted over these past months.

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Flibber Tiflab

15 days and 8 hours and 19 minutes ago
Great that we know about events taking place at 5pm via this article posted at 3pm. Thanks so much for the heads up.