No one excluded

No one excluded

Mon 20 Apr 2020 1:03 PM

The Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Firenze has dedicated 550,000 euro to social initiatives for the young, who stand to bear the brunt of Covid-19’s socio-economic impact.


The Foundation is dividing the money between two programmes: ‘Nessuno Escluso 2’ and ‘E-state-Insieme 2’. Both are designed with recreation, education and social inclusion in mind, as the straitened economy leave students with little hope of finding jobs, apprenticeships or internships while lockdown lasts.


‘Nessuno Escluso 2’, whose 350,000 euro are funded by the Fondazione CR Firenze in collaboration with the Fondazione Il Cuore si scioglie, builds on the work of a previous initiative in 2018. Aimed at Italian and non-Italian minors, especially those deemed most vulnerable, it seeks to lessen the impact of school closures with Italian and IT lessons, and careers advice for older teenagers.



Participants in a previous initiative funded by Fondazione CR Firenze


‘E-state-insieme’, meanwhile, is open to anyone in education within the metropolitan city of Florence. Like ‘Nessuno Escluso’, it aims to mitigate the interruption to schooling, afterschool clubs and other recreational activities, but will also equip pupils, students and teachers with the technological skills and hardware necessary for a good virtual learning experience. According to the Italian National Institute of Statistics, a third of Italian families do not have a PC or a tablet.


The deadline for applications to ‘Nessuno Incluso 2’ is June 8, while June 30 is the final date for applications to ‘E-state-insieme 2’. Both can be found at, under the section Bandi Tematici.




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