How to wear a mask

…and how not to

Leonardo Cardini
May 6, 2020 - 13:47

We’ve been told we all have to “use” face protection in Tuscany, but exactly how this should be done seems to challenge a number of locals. The Florentine’s resident illustrator Leo Cardini takes it upon himself to explain “how to wear a mask” (and how not to).



How to put on a mask


To put on a face mask, first wash your hands, then place it over both nose and mouth. Secure into place with ear loops or ties, and press the clip to your nose to ensure proper fit. If you touch the front of the mask, it's best to wash your hands again afterwards. While wearing the mask, avoid touching the front.



How to take off a mask

When removing your mask, do so by handling the ear loops or straps, avoiding touching the front. Place the mask in the garbage (sadly, they are not recyclable). Please don't litter! Wash your hands.



How not to wear a mask

We're seeing a lot of incorrect usage of masks - our interpretation is humorous, but serves to remind everyone that the face protection must cover the nose and mouth. Lowering it to smoke, or using it to cover only the mouth, are not safe options, for you or for anyone around you.


Download a printable copy of the How to wear a mask (and how not to) poster!

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