How to be tested for Covid-19 in Tuscany

Mandatory swabbing for those returning from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain

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August 13, 2020 - 12:26

A new ordinance issued by the Tuscany Region has made Covid-19 testing free on returning from overseas travel. Everyone living in Tuscany who has been on holiday, studied or travelled outside Italy in the European Union or the Schengen Area is entitled to the test. No prescription is required; call the freephone number 800 556060.


Residents of Tuscany who have been tested for Covid-19 (serological or swab) can obtain their results online here.


Covid-19 swab test



The national health ministry has issued mandatory molecular or antigen testing for travellers returning to Italy in the last 14 days from Croatia, Greece, Malta and Spain. Persons must present a negative test to the airline or ferry company 72 hours prior to their return to Italy or the test must be carried out within 48 hours of returning to Italy at the airport, port or nearby area. Persons must self-isolate until they receive the test results and must inform the local health authority here (switch to English on the website) regarding their recent travel. The registration requirement will be effective from 8pm on August 14.


Passengers arriving at Pisa and Florence airports from risk areas must be tested 72 hours before entry or within 48 hours after entry. Oropharyngeal swab testing is not performed directly at the airport. You must register here and the authorities will contact you to perform the swab.


Free testing will continue in Florence's piazza Santo Spirito and along the coast on Friday and Saturday nights (10pm-2am) until September 26. See the full list of locations and more details (in Italian) here.


Effective August 26, travellers in Tuscany can take free voluntary swab tests on leaving or arriving in the region’s ports and stations.



Article updated: September 10, 17:00

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