Postcard locations, rolling hills lined with cypress trees, golden beaches, cities of art and monuments loved worldwide are not the only features of Tuscany to be captured on film by global production companies.


Aimed at promoting cinema tourism in Tuscany, this promotional trailer made by Revolution Media for Toscana Film Commission, in partnership with the Toscana Promozione Turistica tourism board, includes high-speed car chases and parkour on Brunelleschi’s dome as well as poetic scenes from international directors and renowned actors. It shows Tuscany in its most contemporary light as a region that excites, moves, sparks energy and lures visitors from all over the world.


The anthological trailer features scenes from Ron Howard’s Inferno, starring Tom Hanks; Michael Bay’s Six Underground, produced for Netflix; TV series Medici. Masters of Florence; Il Peccato, by Russian director Andrey Koncialowsky; as well as excerpts from Florentine productions such as Federico Bondi’s Dafne, a family tale centred around a warm-hearted girl with Down’s syndrome; Francesco Fei’s La regina di Casetta, about a girl leaving her mountaintop for a life in the city; and I delitti del Barlume, directed by London-born, Pisa resident Roan Johnson.


The For Your Eyes Only trailer will be presented on August 25 at 6pm at Caffè della Versiliana during a conversation between Stefania Ippoliti, director of Toscana Film Commission and the director Fabrizio Guarducci.

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