Mental health services in Florence

Mental health services in Florence

If you're feeling low, reach out to one of Florence's many English-speaking therapists.

Fri 28 Jan 2022 9:11 AM

Feeling heard when you’re struggling and knowing when and where to find help is crucial for those in need of mental health services. For many who have transplanted to Italy, it can feel overwhelming to be outside of what’s familiar, but Florence caters to its international community with English-speaking professionals who are ready to give guidance.

Illustration by Leo Cardini

English-speaking therapists

Dr. Mary Ann Bellini is an American psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples in person as well as online. She has years of experience with study abroad students, international couples and expats, who may be having difficulty in the transition from their home country to Italy.
T: +39 339 5705988 / / lungarno Cellini 25

Dr. Matteo Defraia is a clinical psychologist, Gestalt psychotherapist, gestalt bodywork and art-therapy, available for individual and couple sessions. T: +39 340 2732298,,

Elizabeth Connolly runs a specialized practice for study abroad students from the United States. T: +39 346 6577690 /

Paolo Molino is a clinical psychologist practising in English, French and Spanish in via Verdi 7.
T: +39 331 1064726 / /

Irene Pinucci is an Italian psychiatrist who is fluent in English and French.
T: +39 348 6131709 / via Tavanti 18 /

Camilla Jackson is an international therapist offering tools for an array of social issues, including depression anxiety, as well as assisting in relationship challenges. /

Maurizio Materassi is a clinical psychologist who works with study-abroad students and is part of the preferred network of psychologists for insurers Geo Blue and International SOS.
T: +39 333 4023049 / via Pagnini 27 / /

Margaret Mary Runge is a counselor in Florence who works with young adults and adults in her office at via della Palancola 20. T: +39 349 7169302 /

Annamaria Mazzeschi is psychologist and counselling psychotherapist with experience in individual, couple and family therapy. T: +39 347 1388788 /

Other resources

Many study-abroad programmes in Florence offer campus services and resources for students.

The Misericordia psychiatric and psychological clinic provides many services.

Tages Onlus for Foreigners is an English-speaking clinical centre with psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry services. T: 055 679037,

This article was updated on November 2, 2023.

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