AILO Donation Day 2023

AILO Donation Day 2023

Nine charities receive financial assistance from the American International League of Florence.

Mon 17 Apr 2023 5:34 PM

The American International League of Florence (AILO) celebrated its Donation Day on April 17 at Il Fuligno Sala Blu on via Faenza. This event recognizes various charities and volunteer programs throughout the Florentine community for their work with donations by AILO.

AILO members during a recent cultural visit to Palazzo Gondi

AILO is a charitable organization based in Florence with members from all over the world. Their mission is to contribute to the community and help to improve the wellbeing of the city and its surrounding province. AILO holds several fundraisers throughout the year and has given a helping hand to countless local organizations. The Donation Day is among one of their most important fundraising events. An extensive list of non-profit organizations will receive much needed help and, in turn, be able to better serve the community.

The donation process is an extensive one as the organizations chosen to be the recipients of AILO’s generosity are well researched by the committee. Hands-on charities that receive little to no government or corporate funding are preferred and must be a registered non-profit association. The donations are based on specific amounts of money for defined projects needed by the associations.

The nine recipients are: Piccola Betania, a women’s retirement home run by nurses and volunteers; Centro Terapeutico Europeo (CTE), a program taking care of people with autism and mental illness; Il Pane Quotidiano, an organization providing food vouchers and delivery services to families and people facing difficult financial situations; Banco Alimentare della Toscana, Tuscany’s food bank; Nuova Aurora, an association helping mentally challenged children and young adults with therapeutic activities; Agesci Gruppo Scout Firenze 17, an educational youth association; Filiderba, an association helping families with handicapped or mentally challenged children; Ci Incontriamo, an association created to integrate children and young adults with disabilities into the community; and Associazione Italiana Sclerosis Multiple, helping women with multiple sclerosis.

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