Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders: Florence Leadership Academy

Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders: Florence Leadership Academy

Fr. Kramer Cameron presents the academy as an opportunity for young people to learn from a selection of inspiring figures.

Mon 25 Sep 2023 2:00 PM

This month sees the launch of the Florence Leadership Academy, a project designed to train and qualify young people in skills of leadership. A year-long program championed by Fr. Kramer Cameron of Santi Apostoli Church and a first-rate team, the project will hold monthly talks with leaders from a diverse range of fields, beginning on October 27. 

Kramer Cameron

Fr. Kramer Cameron presents the Florence Leadership Academy as an opportunity for young people to attend encounters with a broad selection of leading figures and, through conferences and discussions, learn from their experiences and be inspired by their journeys. Participants will be welcomed each month to attend a unique talk in a new venue, followed by discussion groups with like-minded future leaders. They will be invited to share their thoughts and ideas, and get to know the guests through a mix and mingle with dinner at the end of each evening. The first scheduled encounter is due to take place at Palazzo Gondi, one of the project’s sponsors. 

Aimed at educating and inspiring, the Florence Leadership Academy seeks to foster leadership qualities in young people that will flow into everything they go on to do in life. Through hearing from those in positions of experience and expertise, young leaders will not only learn how to become a leader, but where these qualities can take them and their value in environments of every type. The program will invite leaders in the fields of the arts, culture, architecture, fashion, education, healthcare, business and technology to share their knowledge with motivated young learners, who aspire to have a positive impact on society. 

In addition to the monthly meeting, Fr. Cameron’s vision for the future includes weekend intensive programs and similar programs for more age groups. At present, the project is aimed at high school students and hopes to connect participants with future internships and networking opportunities, where the lessons learnt through the Florence Leadership Academy can be put to use. Fr. Cameron also hopes to start a mentoring program with some of the leaders involved, so that they may share their experiences and expertise with young people. 

To get involved, applicants should sign up through the Florence Leadership Academy website, outlining why they would like to participate, which will be followed up by an email with further steps and waivers to be signed by parents. The cost and the details for scholarships can be found on the website. All of the talks will be given in English, will be held monthly and will not be religious events, as the project is open to young people of any faith. At the end of the course, participants will be awarded a certificate for their involvement and to demonstrate the skills the experience will undoubtedly give them. 

Details about sponsorship and donations (tax-deductible in the USA) can be found on the website. All support will help train future leaders and help create a renaissance of leadership.

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