Israel-Palestine peace rallies in Florence

Israel-Palestine peace rallies in Florence

Addressing the Israel-Hamas War in Tuscany

Fri 13 Oct 2023 3:55 PM

Florence prides itself on being a multicultural city, embracing all religions and beliefs. As images of the unfolding human tragedy in Israel and the Gaza Strip reach around the world, Florence’s Jewish and Islamic communities, as well as political forces, are reacting to the volatile situation in the Middle East.

A collective moment at prayer at Florence’s Synagogue. Ph. @noemicoenph

Peace rallies in Florence

On Saturday, October 14, at 6pm, Firenze per la Palestina, which consists of Florence’s Palestinian and Muslim communities, is organizing a pro-Palestine peace rally in piazza Santa Maria Novella. The city’s Hebron-born Imam Izzedin Elzir explains his position in an article on Corriere Fiorentino (in Italian).

On Sunday, October 15, at 5.30pm, the Honorary Consul for Israel in Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, Marco Carrai, has announced a pro-Israel peace protest outside Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati, the Tuscany Region’s headquarters in piazza Duomo. The rally is expected to be attended by Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence; Enrico Fink, President of the Jewish community in Florence and Siena, and Gadi Piperno, Florence’s Chief Rabbi, who explain their stance in La Repubblica (in Italian).

A previous Free Palestine march held in Florence

How to help victims of the Israel-Hamas war

Florence’s Jewish community have created a list of associations in support of Israel that accept donations here.

Time Magazine has compiled a list of ways to help the victims of the Israel-Gaza War here.

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