Design your urban garden with Tiziano Codiferro

Design your urban garden with Tiziano Codiferro

The master gardener offers tips and tricks for terraces, indoor gardens and green corners.

Wed 28 Feb 2024 9:48 AM

With spring upon us, blossoming flowers and lush green foliage are within touching distance, and not exclusively for those with gardens or country homes. An indoor garden or collection of houseplants is an ideal way to bring some of the outside in and has a wide range of benefits, including improved air quality, reduced carbon footprint or simply as decoration. The positive impact of nature on our physical and mental health is a well-known reality, and a connection with nature is more easily attainable than many might assume, especially with the right advice from master gardener Tiziano Codiferro.

The advantages that come from having plants in living and working environments certainly warrant the work that goes into them. The constant supply of oxygen improves the air we breathe and reduces any dust and allergens, which over time can alleviate the risk of respiratory problems. Their mere presence serves as a stress-reducer and a natural air freshener as well as becoming a new hobby. For purely aesthetic value, indoor gardens serve a much greater purpose than flowers in a vase that only last a few days as a green installation on a balcony or sunny windowsill creates a long-term and sustainable decoration that changes with the seasons.

Houseplants also help to reduce the impact that humans have on the environment, given their ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen while decreasing the carbon footprint, especially if sustainable practices are followed when developing an indoor garden. Plants gratefully receive what would otherwise become waste, such as water from washing fruits and vegetables, or the natural fertilizers of compost, coffee grounds, egg shells and fireplace ashes. 

Mindfulness about the broader impact when buying plants is also important as those bought and cultivated locally are preferable to those flown or driven in from far away, often in excessive plastic packaging. Like many things, house plants can quickly become collectibles, with hundreds of varieties each with unique qualities. Plants vary in how easy they are to find and obtaining rarer species can be a real labour of love. Specific plants become scarcer if they have a long cultivation period or inability to produce fertile seeds, if the species is a new addition to markets, or if there is a greater market demand.

However, a plenitude of time and effort is not essential to create beautiful and functional displays. The diversity of the plant kingdom means that some require minimal maintenance, and inexpensive and accessible choices can still transform a room. The Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’ Compacta is growing in popularity due to its deep colour, glossy leaves and adaptability, making it an impressive and robust start to a collection. For something a little more floral, a peace lily is one of the easiest houseplants to keep and, with little tending, can remain in bloom for the entire year. A philodendron is a popular choice for beginners, as it does well indoors and survives even in harsh conditions, and anthuriums are a brightly coloured alternative that are equally low maintenance, and can last for a long time without demanding excessive work.

For a helping hand in starting a garden, Tiziano Codiferro’s approach takes into account individual allowances of space and time, forming tailored proposals for urban dwellers without an abundance of room. Balconies, terraces and indoor “green corners” make ideal spots for a city oasis, and through expert understanding of plants and their unique requirements, Codiferro adapts designs to the environment, creating sustainable installations with a natural vibe. His speciality lies in instilling some of the spontaneity of wildlife by including grasses and perennials, which would otherwise be seen as intrusive, but that he harnesses to attract pollinators and promote biodiversity. This connects to the master gardener’s broader aims of sustainability, prioritizing the delicate balance of the environment, which can easily be forgotten in built-up areas. 

An ideal solution considers the internal temperature, access to light, air currents and amount of space, as well as the time and attention that will be devoted to it. It is an intricate operation and the initial investment bears in mind the placement and objectives, to ensure that it will be enjoyed on a long-term basis. After the design process, Codiferro’s service also includes the full setup of the ‘green corners’ in apartments, offices, hotels and restaurants.

More information on many different types of plants and how to care for them is available on Tiziano Codiferro’s blog, which contains hundreds of posts about species, seasonal advice and sustainable practices. In addition to design and installation services, consultations are available about lawns, plant displays for events, irrigation systems and more, and Codiferro’s own plant buying service ensures the trustworthy and sustainable origin of the plants for purchase.

Master gardener Tiziano Codiferro can help you with:

  • Design + maintenance of green spaces for personal + professional settings
  • Green walls + furnishings
  • Outdoor + terrace garden design
  • Hanging garden installation
  • Plant displays for fairs, events + holidays
  • Consultations on irrigation systems
  • Creation + maintenance of parks + gardens
  • Plant purchasing

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