Meagan Brown

A California native, Meagan Brown is studying communications, English and Italian at the University of Denver, Colorado. She is currently participating in the semester abroad program in Florence with Syracuse University, using this opportunity to learn about the Italian culture and to travel around Europe.

Articles by the author


Museo del Calcio

In my search for the museo del calcio, located on Viale Aldo Palazzeschi, I had to turn my bicycle around a couple times and finally ask someone for directions. The man kindly showed me the way but told me that the museo è chiuso, it was closed.   I was


Women of strength

Amici ci aspetta una barca... (Friends, a boat is waiting for us...)   I recognized Libby Cataldi immed-iately though we had never met before. I was waiting for her on the steps of the church of Santa Maria Novella when I saw her walking across the piazza, vibrant in