Free the Italian in you!

At italianme, the innovative language school in Florence, you will discover that learning Italian nicely is possible: with a team of competent and passionate teachers and an engaging, practical and communicative method. Undertake this wonderful journey with us and no longer say “Sorry, I don’t speak Italian!” We offer you a full-immersion experience in Italian culture for studying Italian and live in Florence like a Florentine.

With our courses we share and promote the Italian language and culture. We constantly reinvent the experience of learning Italian because learning a language is not just a goal to reach, but a path to build together.

The Italian lessons are tailored to the students’ real needs for developing Italian speaking skills, learning Italian to study at the University, to survive, live and work in Italy. The headquarters of italianme is in via Tornabuoni 1, one of the most prestigious streets in the historic center.

italianme, Via Tornabuoni 1, Firenze