End of an era?

New bus route introduced in San Lorenzo market

Editorial Staff
January 30, 2014

Florence’s world-famous San Lorenzo area no longer boasts its ambulant and bustling market.


In efforts to clear up the area around the basilica of San Lorenzo, re-pave the age-old stones and introduce an electric bus route through the centuries-old piazza, the City of Florence has obliged market traders to move their stalls as a temporary measure. The stalls will be moved gradually to piazza del Mercato Centrale and its adjacent streets, but traders fear that the square offers insufficient space to accommodate all of the businesses.


The move has sparked mixed reactions: some residents have praised the decision, welcoming the unhindered views of the basilica, while others disapprove of depriving the area of its internationally renowned market.


The market traders recently staged a one-day protest against the move.


In a tweet, mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, wrote, ‘We have freed as promised the San Lorenzo area, one of the most beautiful places in the world. We made a promise, and we've kept it.’


The area is seeing further changes due to some recent adjustments to ATAF's C1 bus route. The shifts were originally proposed by Renzi. The C1 now passes through Via Canto de' Nelli, a street that was once filled with stalls, and continues toward the Santa Maria Novella train station. Passengers can expect the C1 to pass every 10 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays and every 15 minutes on Sundays.



Article updated on April 7, 2014


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