New menu in Florence’s school canteens

More meat, bigger portions, fewer traditional dishes

Editorial Staff
January 7, 2017 - 16:49

Certain Tuscan dishes are disappearing from Florence’s school canteens this year. A decision made by the City of Florence has led to the removal of panzanella, kale farinata and bread-based soups, given children’s reluctance to eat traditional fare. Also new for 2017 are increased portion sizes.





The city council is calling the new menu “glocal”, aimed at familiarizing children with local flavours in a modern interpretation. The move comes after protests by parents that their children were leaving school hungry.



The city administration has worked with the local health authority, taking parental suggestions into consideration. Pappa al pomodoro will appear in the canteen on an occasional basis, replaced for the most part by pasta and tomato sauce. New dishes will include polenta, pasta with ragu and omelets with steamed carrots, while cabbage and peppers are being removed from some primi piatti. More red meat will make an appearance and quinoa will stay.



In a press release, deputy mayor Cristina Giachi commented, “The aim remains the same: to offer children a balanced, healthy diet.”

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