Issue 4, Winter 2023

RC #04 – Violinist Ruth Palmer, Women Composers, Palace Women, Wulz Sisters photography at FAF,  Florence’s foremost restoration laboratory, Lavinia Fontana, Artemisia’s Big Reveal, Paula Rego, Cecily Brown, Flavia Frigeri’s new book ‘Women at Work’

Restoration Conversations magazine is a bi-annual online publication, which ‘restores’ the creative achievements of historic women for today’s audiences. Its features draw inspiration from the mission of Calliope Arts, a not-for-profit organisation, based in Florence and London, dedicated to raising awareness of women’s stories in the arts, sciences and social history through restoration, exhibition, education and research, as well as by means of ‘conversations’ with curators and sector experts. Printed copies available for purchase.



Today’s women, featured in the Winter 2024 issue of Restoration Conversations, have done their share of searching, and that may well be the reason they find themselves pictured between these pages. Violinist Ruth Palmer and scholar Claudia Tobin seek – through their research and performance – to bring female composers and poetic-minded ‘freedom fighters’ to the fore. In her new book Women at Work from 1900 to Now, author and curator Flavia Frigeri leaves no field of female achievement unexplored.

Artemisia’s censored allegory from the Casa Buonarroti Museum has her legs back (digitally) and is using them to get to her Genoa show ‘Artemisia: Courage and Passion’ at Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale. Conservator Eugenia Di Rocco strives to safeguard the Wulz sisters’ iconic images from Alinari Foundation for Photography – because photography can vanish, if not painstakingly protected, and English painter Cecily Brown seeks to translate the silent tribulations of a third-century saint into a language called ‘colour’ at Florence’s Museo Novecento and painter Paula Rego’s Garden of Delights comes to London’s National Gallery.

The women found in Issue 4, perform, safeguard, uncover and share the achievements of their historic counterparts: Maria Luisa Raggi’s capriccio scenes, Ethyl Smyth’s The March of Women, Lavinia Fontana’s Queen of Sheba, Maryla Lednicka-Szczytt’s Black Angel. Their stories are more relevant than ever.

Restoration Conversations magazine and cultural broadcast is supported by Calliope Arts – a not-for-profit organisation based in Florence and London that promotes public knowledge and appreciation of art, literature and social history from a female perspective, through restorations, exhibitions, education and cultural initiatives.

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