1966 Florence Flood: 40th Anniversary Special Edition


November 4th 1966 the unthinkable happened and the Arno flooded Florence; it shook not just the nation of Italy but the whole world. It’s a story that needs to be shared and deserves to be told.

  • A wave of panic. Chronology of the flood
  • A wave of support. United in adversity
  • A wave of work. How they saved Christ…
  • A wave of memories. Witnesses of the watery siege
  • 40 th anniversary of the flood. Events in Florence
  • Up close and personal. Swietlan N. Kraczyna

‘Last night the stars were polished diamonds accentuated by the lack of usual glow from the city. For three nights, Florence has been in stygian darkness. The twinkling diadem of Fiesole seems almost rude, taunting her over-grown daughter, sprawling wounded below. The City of Flowers is wounded worse than ever before. The flood has dwarfed the destruction of World War II.’
Horace Gibson (Nov. 7, 1966)

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The 1966 Florence Flood: 40th Anniversary Special Edition was made in occasion of the Mud Angels conference in 2006 in Florence
32 illustrated pages


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