Piazza Duomo, March 11 2020 | Ph. Francesco Spighi

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At this time of uncertainty as Covid-19 lays siege to Italy’s health, culture and economy, The Florentine needs your help to continue our mission as an international community magazine.

Since 2005 we’ve produced the publication for free – monthly as a print mag distributed around the city and by post, and online as soon as news happens.

Over the years, we’ve invested in print and distribution. Right now, we need to switch our focus to the digital, to keep our community strong, optimistic and informed. We believe it is essential to support our local economy by providing alternative forms of communication at this critical time and to prepare for a brighter, vibrant future as soon as the current health emergency has subsided: for Florence, our readers and community, and the city’s economic and cultural fabric.

Our request

We’re asking Florence lovers, here in Italy, in the US and further afield, to pledge what you can to guarantee coverage in the short- and mid-term.

Donation Total: €20,00

Messages from our supporters

“I adore your publication, and I adore Florence and one day plan to live there.”

“Appreciate the hard work of The Florentine staff keeping us informed and being so accessible!”

The Florentine is an open-minded and creative resource.”

“Thank you so much for sending the pdf of The Florentine. It’s an extraordinary publication, visually as well as in its written content.”

“I love your magazine. It keeps me up to date on all things Florence, now more than ever.”

“We value the information disseminated by excellent publications such as The Florentine. Thank you.”

“The Internet has lowered the bar to entry when it comes to publishing, and in the today’s plethora of clickbait news outlets and Top Ten lists, a well-written, cultivated publication such as The Florentine is all the more valuable.”

“When I was in college, I started to read your newspaper and always believed that it was – and still is – much more accurate about Florence than any other Italian local newspaper.”