Ristorante del Fagioli

Family Restaurants

Jane Fortune
October 19, 2006

In this section, expect suggestions regarding restaurants Bob and I particularly love— for their good food, and especially the friendship and kindness each has extended to us over the 15 years we have been coming to Florence. Several restaurants will be well-known, others may not be, but each has one thing in common—they have shared their lives with us and that is a gift we most treasure.


 To paraphrase, the cuisine of Florence is like ‘Brunelleschi’s architectural lines, which need nothing added, and nothing subtracted.’



Corso Tintori 47/r

Closed Saturdays and Sundays

No credit cards


Reservations are recommended 055-244285


This family-run restaurant serves Florentine specialties and was opened by Luigi Zucchini in 1966, just after the flood. The rustic furnishings are almost the same as they were on opening day, giving the place a very traditional atmosphere. In the past, the premises hosted a coal house, but has served as a restaurant for nearly 100 years. It is believed that the Medici family’s resident cook and poet, Fagioli, used the restaurant’s premises as a theater. Ask for Antonio or Simone, who are brothers. Their sister, Veronica, is in the kitchen. Gigi, the chef and father, creates truly delicious dishes. We have been eating there for 15 years and love it!


Jane’s suggestions:

arista di maiale al forno—very thinly cut slices of pork loin, seasoned with fried garlic and sage; involtini di Gigi—thin slices of beef stuffed with cheese, ham and artichokes, rolled, and braised in butter and olive oil (anything on the menu with Gigi’s name on it is wonderful); torta di mele (hot apple cake) and biscotti with chunks of yummy dark chocolate, served warm. Fantastic!

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